Renters Insurance at Platte View Landing in Brighton



Mission Rock Residential requires residents to maintain active insurance coverage with $100,000 liability protection throughout your residency. You will need to provide proof of coverage prior to lease start date. In the event you do not provide this documentation, you will automatically be enrolled in our master policy.

Charges & Fees Disclosure

Standard Monthly Costs 

  • Trash Hauling: $14.00-16.00 per month avg; this is billed through Conservice and billed back on rubs to residents 100% of actual bill. 

  • Conservice Billing Fee $3.70  

  • Pest Control $3.00

Variable Monthly Costs 

  • Utility calculations based on a formula or allocation method.  

Optional Monthly Costs 

  • Pet Rent $35.00 

  • Carport $50.00 

  • Garage $90.00 

  • Storage $25.00 

  • ParkM $8.00/vehicle 

  • Master Policy Insurance $10.00 (if resident does not provide own policy, see above for more information) 

One-Time Costs 

  • Holding Deposit $150.00/200.00/300.00   

  • Pet Deposit: $300.00 (if applicable)

  • Application Fee $21.00 

  • Conservice new account fee $10.00 

  • Conservice final billing fee $5.00  

Portable Tenant Screening Report (PTSR) 

Applicant has the right to provide Platte View Landing with a Portable Tenant Screening Report (PTSR) that is not more than 30 days old, as defined in § 38-12-902(2.5), Colorado Revised Statutes; and 2) if Applicant provides Platte View Landing  with a PTSR, Platte View Landing  is prohibited from: a) charging Applicant a rental application fee; or b) charging Applicant a fee for Platte View Landing  to access or use the PTSR